A Year in Birchington-on-Sea

Heavy seas in contrast with a tranquil sky
Really high sea
The sun setting behind the ruined chapel at Reculver
The Golden Minnis Bay
Beam me up Scotty, the cloud and sun combine to form a Star Trek badge
Pastel skies on a warm and humid evening
Hazy colour tones as seen from the slipway east of Coleman's Stairs pathway
The sun setting by the point of Beresford Gap
Full colour looking across Minnis Bay
The sun sets behind Birchington
Full pastel above Birchington as seen from West Bay in Westgate on Sea
A lone sparrowhawk watching the sun rise

Latest parish news

BSAG Update

Our Group is a community group whose aims are to raise awareness of the plight of Birchington’s 9 sea-shelters and to raise funds for their restoration. Initially we anticipated our role would involve... Read More

RBL Veterans Day Lunch

Message from the Chairman ARMED FORCES WEEK:  LUNCH Armed Forces Week for us in Birchington runs from Monday 25th – Friday 29th June. As you will all be aware, we kick off with... Read More

Station Road Planting Beds

Some of you may be aware that there has been a drastic change to the flower beds in the village next to Dog Acre. Unfortunately unforeseen problems have since arisen which means that... Read More

Kent Family History Society Update

Our May meeting was a brief A.G.M., followed by members giving three very interesting talks. Janet & John Robinson gave ‘A postcard from Birchington’-about the old buildings shown in the postcard, and the... Read More