BPC Schedule and Calendar




BPC Financial Regulations

These instructions guide the Council and its members through the legal financial requirements of our Organisation. The Council is bound by them and will be audited by the mechanism of: An Internal Auditor, appointed by the Council annually and An External Auditor appointed by The Government.

BPC Model Financial Regs June 2017


Standing Committee: Finance and Establishment

Terms of reference

Annual expenditure 2015/16

SC Agenda – Finance 20.07.16



Our Role as a Parish Council is to represent the interests of the Community as a whole. That representation is guided by the Standing Orders of the Council. These Orders vary slightly from Council to Council and are Approved By your Parish Council Every Year.

BPC Parish Council Structure 2016

Standing Orders

Code of Conduct

Statutory Responsibilities

The Parish Council is given by Government and statute a Choice of activities, but surprisingly very few duties. This document outlines the sorts of Activities and responsibilities we can undertake.

Parish council responsibilities 2015-10


Code of Conduct for Councillors

The Parish Council’s councillors are guided by A Code of Conduct based on the NOLAN PRINCIPLES, which apply to people in Public life. Each Council must adopt and publicise a code of conduct that is in line with these principles.

Code of Conduct

Terms of reference for Standing Committees

BPC Terms of reference Template V.1.0 2016 

SC-Planning Final Plan ToR. 19.05.2016

SC-General Purposes Final GP ToR. 19.05.2016

SC- Finance and Establishment Final F&E ToR. 19.05.2016


Events Advisory Group

See events Calendar.


Population Statistics



BPC/KCC: Emergency plan (draft)

KRF Community Emergency Plan Template – Final Oct 15

Copy of Appendix 1 – Contact Details – Final Oct 15

Copy of Appendix 2 – Vulnerable Residents – Restricted access – Final Oct 15



Asset List 2016 2017

BPC Freedom of Information Act

Risk Management Statement 2016 2017

Audit / Finances

Public Rights Form

Audit Section 1 & 2

Audit Section 3

Notice of conclusion of audit


Policy Documents

CCTV Policy

Data Protection Policy

Financial Regulations

Freedom of Information

Grant Scheme Policy

Grant Application Form

Document Retention Policy

Risk Management Policy

Safeguarding Policy