Minnis Bay Sailing Club Regatta

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I was very happy to receive an invite to spend a couple of hours on the water during the regatta. Many photographs were taken in a somewhat challenging environment, my sea-legs aren’t the best and I was less than fully prepared; the waterproofing for my camera was an old Tesco bag held by one of my daughter’s hairbands, it was crude but effective.

The racing was very competitive and I for one thoroughly enjoyed my time on the water.

Don’t forget Minnis Bay Sailing Club are having a taster session on June 10th.

Moving to the water's edge
Back right is John, my pilot for the day. Thanks John!
The craft
The rib I was in
Some of the F18 Catamarans
Hanging off the boat is the key
The racing was very competitive
Safety lines firmly attached
Getting a bt too much air
Spinnaker being put away
The Shearwater catamarans with spinnakers in place
Speeding back to complete a lap
Full concentration
Looking for the turn
Keeping close
Dropping the spinnaker
How many laps?
Trouble was, I hadn't a clue!
Green sea and blue sky
Helping me with my terminology
Using the tooth grip method
Grin and bear it
All in a line
An edgy start to race two
And they're off
The village from out there
The nautical idea of putting the foot down
At full speed
Nice form
Action shot
Sailing towards the broody clouds
High tail towards Reculver
On the up
Heading towards the first turn