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We are Kensei Taiko, and we teach and demonstrate two important aspects of Japanese culture in the UK , namely Taiko, the art of the drum and iaijutsu, the Samurai martial art of the sword from 550 years ago.IMAG0324

Drum playing is a key part of Buddhist and Shinto religion, and more recently has been formed into a fantastic performance art form. Watching a performance is unforgettable ; people talk of great energy, an exhilarating and emotional experience.

Playing is sublime; it's stimulating, fitness building, and all of our players from teenagers to 70 yrs ish have a great time.

I teach Taiko every Tuesday in All Saint's church, Birchington at 6.30-8pm and we currently are running a beginner's course; please come along!

Iaijutsu is the Samurai martial art. The art of drawing and using the fabled katana, that masterpiece of sword making. Iaijutsu demands great self discipline and as such is an immeasurable benefit to self esteem...I teach individual students.


2017 has already been a busy year for Kensei Taiko, the drummers from All Saint’s Church. In February we played our magnificent drums for a banquet for the Medway Towns Licensed Victuallers and we were well received there..

In April we started the month by attending two charity events, running workshops for a charitable organisation at a school and the Hawkinge Sports Centre. These were great events, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and from the feedback that we received I’m sure that the visitors did too!

Darryn and I, one of our Apprentice performers, also took part in a Channel radio show, due to be broadcast in June talking about our wonderful Dojo, All Saint’s church and our being the only Taiko ensemble and school in the South East and most of the South of Britain!  Check our website for the broadcast date. Our Apprentice performers are picked from our Intermediates class, held in All Saint’s Church on the Square on Tuesday evenings. They’re chosen for showing promise in various areas of Japanese drumming, and can attend the Performer’s session in order to learn by emulating the Performers as they play.

At the end of the month Kensei taiko played drums, and demonstrated the Japanese sword martial arts at the Hanami Festival at the Brogdale Collections in Faversham to record audiences. (please see the pictures..)This is a superb and growing annual event and as we finished the day, we were instantly requested to return next year too!

We are busy practicing to play at the 12th UK Taiko Festival in Exeter in July, to esteemed Taiko Groups and audiences from across the planet; and were honoured to be asked to perform there!

Over the next 18 months we plan to develop taiko in the South East, opening additional classes in areas like Folkestone, Canterbury and  Faversham and we’re currently in talks to further our cause..