Ageless Thanet

Further information

Address: Mill Lane House, Mill Ln, Margate CT9 1JU

Phone: 01843 210005

ageless-thanetAgeless Thanet is one of 14 projects nationally, all funded through the Big Lottery Fund’s ‘Fulfilling Lives: Ageing Better’ programme. In 2015 we successfully secured £3m over 5 years to reduce social isolation and loneliness and improve mental and physical health in older people

Who’s it for?:

Ageless Thanet is aimed at people who are 50 or over and living in Thanet. We want all people from 50 upwards to be planning for later life, thinking about what they want and need. Ageless Thanet is for everyone 50+, and we aim to provide activities and opportunities for all.

What sort of things can we expect from Ageless Thanet?:

From Yoga to life coaching, woodwork to financial planning, Ageless Thanet has something for everyone, from 50 upwards. With a whole host of arts, crafts, physical, sporting and social activities taking place in Margate and Ramsgate, residents in those areas are able to access a fantastic range of exciting activities for FREE.

Birchington North, South, St Peter’s and Viking wards are benefiting from Planning for Later Life. This is 1 to 1, intensive, life coaching, mentoring and support to help people who are either facing a crisis, having a difficult time or just feel like they aren’t achieving their full potential at present.

Our Ageing Better Champions are out in force across Thanet, forming a network of trusted, knowledgeable volunteers. Our Champions are there to provide residents with information, supporting and building communities and to be an invaluable source of information for Thanet’s older people and those who support them.

On top of this we are working with local businesses to recognise and appreciate the valuable contribution older people make to the local economy and communities, as well as developing a network of trusted local businesses that are doing great things for Thanet’s older people, all brought together under our ‘Ageless Thanet’, which will be supported by a website and smartphone/tablet app.

Through Ageless Thanet, we are championing Older Entrepreneurs. Helping older people who want to start a small business to do so, giving them advice, guidance and support to make their ambition a reality.

If all that wasn’t enough, over the next 5 years, we will be campaigning tirelessly to challenge perceptions of ageing. We know that getting older can be a hugely positive and exciting time, and we want this to be what people think of when talking about ageing. We want to break down those old stereotypes and misconceptions and let everyone know that Thanet is a great place to grow old.