Welcome to our new website

“As chairman of the Birchington Parish Council may I warmly welcome you to our new and exciting ‘Community Portal’ website. This is one of the developments that we are particularly excited about. Our enthusiastic and hard-working team of councillors are constructing this ‘Community Portal’ for the benefit of the wider community. We have many varied skills that the team are putting to good use and we look forward to sharing further news through this new and exciting medium in the months to come: “Bringing the village into the 21st Century”.

This site has been prepared by a dedicated editorial team with the sole objective of producing an up-to-date ‘Community Portal’ for Birchington. Our editorial team aim to develop an organic ‘Hub’ where every aspect of our community life in Birchington is represented. As it grows it will represent the needs of the village in all its diversity and social activities. This is a live website that will be updated frequently. With a few ‘clicks’, the contact details for all local clubs and organisations can found through the Portal and they are all invited to submit information and be represented. If they have their own websites, you can pass through our Portal into their internet world and still be part of the same ‘one stop community hub’.

As an open and transparent public body, the Parish Council are pleased to make available a vast collection of information through this site, meaning it is now available to the public. You can make direct contact through the portal and over time ALL our services, projects and Council information will be housed on the Portal.

Not only will the Portal inform the residents of our Parish Council and how it works, it will provide the opportunity for greater community to engage in local affairs. A calendar will keep you up to date with events. A picture gallery will depict the daily comings and goings of our unique and attractive North Kent village beside the sea.

My thanks for the tireless work in preparation of the site go to Cllr Marcel Pooke MBE, Cllr Phil Fellowes and Cllr Vanda Alexander, Clerk to the Council Caroline Vincent, together with, the Editor of the Parish Magazine, Mr. Ray Holland.

This team, with our professional advisers, have spent many long hours in the preparation of this site, which is now here for all to take advantage of.”

– Neville Hudson, Chairman of Birchington Parish Council.


A Short History of Birchington Parish Council

Birchington Parish Council was first established under the Local Government Act of 1897. Nine members were elected with each responsible for a specific area of council responsibility. The Councillors included Birchington’s second Vicar, The Reverend J. Kirkham Fox and the ladies’ cycle manufacturer, George Cousins. In 1899 Mr R.R. Edwards was appointed the first Secretary with an annual stipend of £10. The Council continued until 1935 when it was subsumed into the newly established Margate Borough Council. This too disappeared in 1974 and became part of Thanet District Council with the Birchington Parish Council, as we know it, being re-established on April 1st 1986 under the Chairmanship of Mr Dan Bentley.