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Community Design Day

The Community Design Day on 6 June was opened by Sir Roger Gale MP and Neville Hudson, Chair of the Parish Council. Approximately 150 people attended throughout the day. Presentations were given on different topics and those attending, including pupils from the primary school, provided valuable input to help shape the future of the village.

Ptarmigan Land, the company developing a planning application for housing to the west of the village (known as Strategic Site SP14) also gave a presentation.

It was a positive and highly interactive day with much learnt and explored.

Further work

Key topics discussed at the Design Day included Education, Health, Housing, Heritage, Highways and Transport, Leisure, Natural Environment (green wedges, wildlife corridors), Retail and business, Water.

Policies for each topic will be developed and refined by the Neighbourhood Planning Group over the coming weeks. Members of the Group also intend to investigate in more detail some of the key issues, such as water, health and highways, with the relevant authorities to gain a better understanding of how they will meet increasing demand for services as the population of Thanet is expected to increase significantly over the next 10-15 years.

Ptarmigan Land intends to organise a public exhibition to explain their proposals for housing development on SP14 and this will be advertised widely in advance. They will then be working up designs and having discussions with all the relevant bodies prior to submitting a formal planning application in Spring 2020.

Ptarmigan Land will keep the Group informed of progress. In the meantime the Group will be considering how the emerging policies and themes in the Neighbourhood Plan relate to the policies in the new Thanet Local Plan, which is due to be adopted later this year.