RNLI Newsletter February 2019

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The end of an era!

This will be the last newsletter from the Birchington and District Branch, which is due to be merged with Margate’s RNLI Fundraising Branch, on 1st April, to form the RNLI Margate, Birchington and Districts Fundraising Branch. As a matter of formality, this is subject to confirmation at our final Annual General Meeting, to which all supporters, past and present, are warmly invited, in the bar at The Centre, Birchington, on Saturday 30th March at 11 am. Tea/ coffee and biscuits will be available.

The new Committee, formed by all members of the former separate committees, will meet at the RNLI Margate Boathouse, and its first meeting is scheduled for the evening of Thursday 11th April. This is not open to the public, but can I remind supporters that there is a standing invitation to visit and tour the Boathouse, subject to prior arrangement?

We have not been alone in the problems we faced in recruitment that have inevitably led to this merger. The same issues are faced across the nation. The organisation of, and approach to fundraising are changing, so I personally expect to see further changes in the not too distant future but, for now, Thanet will have two fundraising branches based around its Lifeboat Stations in Margate and Ramsgate.
We will continue to maintain a local presence, with Birchington retaining its own Collection Box Secretary, and hope to continue running local events.

Fundraising Update

In 2018, local fundraising has held-up well, with total income of over £22,000! Charity Box collections were over £4,000 and events income and other donations contributed over £3,000. Among the latter sum “Howard’s Tour de Co-ops”, in which Howard Baker, from the Birchington Post Office Co-op, cycled around all 23 Stores in this Co-op area – covering the Isle of Sheppey down to the Isle of Thanet – serving for 10 minutes in each store, raising over £740!

The RNLI share of the Birchington Co-operative Community fund for the 2017/18 round that ended on 27th October amounted to £9.972.33, which is tremendous news, but the even better news is that we were again chosen for the round of funding that started on 28th October – so please continue to nominate RNLI (Margate) Birch-ington & District as the good cause to receive the eligible 1% of spending through your Co-op membership.

The champion box collections venue in 2018 was The Wheel Alehouse, but by only a narrow margin, this time!

Wheel Alehouse owner, Sam (right) and Head Barman, Dan, with his year’s Champion Collection Box Shield.

Next Event: RNLI Birchington & District Fundraising Branch AGM—Saturday 27th March, 11 am, at The Centre, Birchington.

RNLI, Birchington & District
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